Through the Storm

Do you ever feel as if nothing is going your way? You can plan, pray, and hope for the best but suddenly everything comes crashing down around you? This has been my life for the past couple months. It all started around Christmas time when we had plans to go do something fun but then…

This Beautiful Life

In a world with so much hurt, pain, and loss it can be hard to think of this life as beautiful sometimes. This has been SO heavy on my heart the last few weeks. As I have been scrolling through social media I have seen so much loss and so many precious children who have…

Overcoming Worry.

Sometimes I feel like worrying is my second nature. It has a way of sinking its ugly hooks into us before we even realize what is happening. Too often I have let it consume and control my life! I worry about everything. Will our grocery budget stretch? Is the zit on my face too big?…

The Space In Between

Do you spend your entire week focusing on the weekend or your entire year focusing on your vacation? This was me. For so long I put my joy, purpose, and energy into what was coming next, instead of living in the present. I was missing out on all the things right in front of me….

Overcoming Insecurity

Insecurity. You have no hold on me anymore. I am going to be honest with ya’ll, I felt insecure writing this. This is a small part of my story that I hope can encourage you where you are at! As soon as I was old enough to think about beauty and worth I was struggling….