Rediscover You

If I had to choose two words to describe the last two years of my life they would be overcome and rediscover.

To make a long story really short about two years ago my husband and I made a very quick decision to move to South Carolina. At this time I was a lost. My whole life I had been looking forward to one moment and that was to get married to the love of my life. Which was absolutely the best day EVER. However, once that moment was over I found myself asking the classic question once again. What’s next? I had NO clue what I wanted to do with my life and even now I am still trying to navigate that.

What I did know is that I needed to overcome the struggles that had been holding me back for as long as I can remember. You may remember a couple previous blog posts I wrote about overcoming insecurity and worry. I was at a point where I was so insecure it consumed me every moment of of every day. It wasn’t easy but after months of laying it at the feet of Jesus and I can finally say the insecurity no longer has hold of me. I still struggle and I still have days but I know it no longer controls my life. After this I chose to pursue myself again. I started from the beginning and discovered who I was. This may seem silly but I think so often we get caught up in life that we forget who we are. Our values start to slip… let me say that again our values start to slip and we don’t take care of ourselves spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

After setting time apart everyday to take care of my body and read my bible I felt me again. I think if you ask my Husband he would tell you the change in me over the last two years has been tremendous! Let go of what you thought your life was gonna look like and embrace what it is; be you unconditionally!

To be honest, this past week I have struggled really bad. Everything I have ever struggled with felt like it came back into my life all at once and I was a wreck. But guess what? That stuff no longer controls me and even though I had a bad week I know God’s got me.

Now I know this is such an uncertain time for everyone. Some of us are dealing with finical difficulties, family issues, sickness, depression, and so much more. I want to encourage you to lay the things that have been weighing you down and holding you back at the feet of Jesus. Develop a plan of action to get healthy and stick to it! Rediscover you by taking this time to dig into the word and take care of yourself.

Photo by Cristofer Jeschke

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