Permanently Quarantined

Quarantine. Confinement. Alone. Separated.

Those words have such a negative connotation, and for good reason. When you read them you begin to feel their effects as your mood shifts from positive to gloomy. We’ve lived our whole lives out in the open, free to go here and there, see those we love, and then suddenly it all seemed to be over. People were stuck at home, couldn’t go to work, or even out for a coffee date with a friend.

You began to feel boggled down by the news, the possibility of sickness, and all the other things that are going wrong in the world.

But we’re still blessed.

We’re alive. We have food to eat. We have things to keep ourselves busy. We have time to reflect and pray. Things may be spinning out of control and the future uncertain but we still have hope. If you are not Christian with a personal relationship with Jesus, things may feel very different for you.

Imagine with me that you were permanently quarantined. Truly alone. Confined forever. Separated with no hope. Cut off from everything and everyone with no hope of end or things getting better. Perhaps you feel that way currently. Enough of the illustrations, what am I really talking about? I’m talking about being permanently separated from Christ and His presence.

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