East Coast Beaches Review

A1A Beaches, FL

A1A, also known as “Beachfront Avenue,” is one of the coolest places you could visit along the east coast. I suppose I should rephrase it as being a place to it being several places. A1A Runs almost the full length of Florida’s east coast with several stops along the way. The beaches we visited are located primarily in between St. Augustine, FL and Daytona Beach, FL. Some of the coolest attractions include the plush green board walkways that lead down to the beach.

The beach itself is spectacular! There are two parts to the beach: the sandy beach right in front of the water, like you’d normally expect, and up further the beach turns into a ground of crushed shells. It’s a must see if you’re a beach lover.

Amelia Island State Park, FL 1

Amelia Island is a very relaxed beach town. It’s located closer to the start of A1A and has a few nice shops, beachfront restaurants and nice beaches. When we arrived at Amelia Island it was the beaches that got our attention. The soft white sand, clear water, and vacant beach make it a perfect location to just relax without a concern in the world. Hailey and I would highly recommend a stop here…HOWEVER, this is not all there is to Amelia Island, check out the next one.

Amelia Island State Park, FL 2

Amelia Island is home to a number of hiking trails, biking trails, fishing spots and a nice beaches. We happened to stumble upon Amelia Island on our way to St. Augustine a few weeks back and were left in awe of some of the beautiful natural settings. We hardly scratched the surface of things to do there, but mark our words, we will return and do all Amelia Island has to offer!

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Ponte Vedra Beach is a nice little beach off A1A in a very ritzy part of town. The beach itself is nice enough, a little lonesome, but perfect if all you want is the beach. There is never a shortage of people as it can be hard to find a parking spot at peak times throughout the year. I would say this is one of my favorite places to drive through. Ponte Vedra has miles of beautifully landscaped roads and million dollar homes and the view is nothing short of breath taking.

Folly Beach, SC

An all time favorite. At first it may appear to be a normal “beachy beach,” but it’s so much more than that. Its quaint beach town, amazing pier (including gift shop/snacks/fishing/restaurant)(Free to walk), and beach make for the perfect vacation destination. Hailey and I frequent here the most because we absolutely love it. It can get a bit crowded during holidays and peak times through the year, and you may have to wait in a line to get onto the island but it’s totally worth it.

Tybee Island, GA

Tybee Island is alright. I included it on the list because of its pier. As far as beaches go Hailey and I would most likely go to any of the other ones on this list before choosing Tybee. It wasn’t nasty, the beach was nice, and everything was enjoyable. I would still encourage everyone to check it out if they’ve never been!

Hilton Head Island, SC

I was surprised about Hilton Head, honestly. There are a number of things I would mention about this awesome place:

  1. Shopping/Restaurants: There are so many great places to eat/munch and shop.
  2. The beach is awesome (watch out for creatures in the water)
  3. Very beautiful
  4. Lots of places to relax and enjoy yourself/family

I was skeptical about going here because I’d been told “Hilton Head is awesome,” and the same people told me other beaches were awesome when in fact they were not. But YES, GO TO THIS WOUNDERFUL PLACE!!!

Jacksonville Beach, FL

We originally went to Jacksonville beach because I had a procedure at the Mayo Clinic, which is right there, and we’ve now been back 2-3 times. The beach is great and you get this awesome beach town vibe when there. There are TONS of great places to eat, relax, and have good time.

St. Augustine Beach, FL

St. Augustine Beach is undoubtedly one of our top places to go, if not our favorite place to go. The beach is absolutely beautiful. There are pretty sand dunes, its 4×4 friendly, there’s surf board rentals, great food right off the beach and oh so much more.

Not only is the beach great but St. Augustine itself is one of our most favorite travel destinations. It takes the cake for the oldest town in America, established by the Spanish. The architecture of the buildings and statues, to the shopping and restaurants are only a small portion of why you should go. Located in the city is also a HUGE stone fort. For more check out our St. Augustine blog.

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  1. Life is better at the beach. Awesome adventures ☀️


    1. Josiahplanck says:

      Indeed it is!!!


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