Certainty in Uncertainty

Several years ago during my sophomore year of college I found myself at my wits end. I had been awake over 42hrs unable to sleep from post-blood clot pain in my leg, I was anxious, and I was on the verge of a very large mental breakdown. My alarm clock had just gone off and I couldn’t move. In spite of having not slept at all, I couldn’t face the thought of getting out of bed. I was exhausted and in pain but knew I had to get to class.

I had a big exam that day but couldn’t remember any of the things I had studied from days prior. My brain wasn’t working. I contemplated staying home, giving up, but I couldn’t. So, I got up, got ready, and left for school. On my way I wept to God, “I can’t do this today, you’ve got to give me something, anything.”

It was a simple prayer out of desperation and sometimes you can’t seem to pray anything else. When I got there I went into class knowing I had a mental block, but decided took take the exam anyways. My grade teetered on passing and if I failed the exam, I failed the class. Naturally, I was the last one to finish. I sat in my seat a few minutes before handing in my test knowing I had done poorly, and once I moped enough I got up, turned it in and walked out.

I retreated to a table just outside the lecture hall and sat down at one of its chairs. I put my hands in my face and sat their uncertain. I was pretty sure I failed but couldn’t be certain. My leg was still aching badly but couldn’t be certain it was going to kill me. I LIVED IN UNCERTAINTY! But when I sat up straight I realized a tiny sliver up paper laid on the table that would set a precedent in my heart for when trouble arose, it read:

“But take heart! I have overcome the world.” Matt. 16:33

I just wept. I couldn’t believe that God would orchestrate something so simple just to help me. I looked up the rest of the verse and it read:

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” Matthew 16:33

How about that! YOU WILL HAVE TROUBLE. The world has trouble, and your life may have trouble, but you can take heart knowing Jesus has overcome the world. It took me a while to drill that fact into my head, but know I depend upon it. The story will always end just as Jesus has promised, in victory. Keep battling though, because we still have to fight. Just know, certainty is found in the peace that comes from knowing Jesus has overcome! Speak certainty into to your trouble today!

Photo by Aaron Burden 

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