Cardio: Changing How You View It.

Lets keep it simple… cardio sucks! There is no real form of cardio that appeals to most people, even those who are in great shape. A lot of people dread the day they get up and realize Oh crap!! Today’s cardio day…

Why? Because you know before long you’re going to end up suckin’ wind, not being able to breathe, possibly vomit, and be totally exhausted. BUT, it doesn’t have to be that way.

One of the best ways to make difficult tasks easy is to simplify them. You don’t have to get you’re heart rate up to 180 and go for 2hrs to start seeing improvements in your cardiorespiratory fitness. So, lets take a look at some things we can do.

  1. Add Some Variation: If you like the Treadmill and the Elliptical, do 5 min on both. If you’re feeling extra lazy, what better way to get cardio then by sitting–just do the stationary bike. Or, add in some cardio movements, such as: Burpee’s, MNT. Climbers, Jump Squats etc. Additionally, there’s no rule that says you cannot do a little bit of everything. Think of things you wouldn’t normally, go swimming, play racket ball, basketball; go for a bike ride or simply take a walk around the neighborhood. All of these various exercises are good simple ways to get your heart beating faster, AKA: Cardiovascular Exercise.
  2. Start Small: You may not incorporate cardio into your existing workout, if you workout at all. You’ll want to eventually do cardio in bouts of 10 min’s or greater, however, if you’re starting out you’re going to see improvements just by doing 5 min’s.
  3. Make It Everyday: It can be tempting to make cardio only a one day thing. However, if you make it a part of your everyday routine you’ll be more likely to do it. It is okay to do cardio everyday, and for certain conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease it is recommended. If you’re at the gym for legs or arms, you might as well get some cardio in. There is much debate about whether you should do cardio before or after weight lifting, so just do what works for you.

Try out some of these tips, and for more ideas on workouts and what you can do, check out my 5 Min Cardio Workouts for at home or in the gym. No equipment required.

Photo by Bruno Nascimento 

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