Making Fitness Apart of Life

Whats the biggest reason you’ve fallen of the wagon with a diet, or going to the gym, or any area of health & fitness?

The answer would probably be… Life! Right?

Sometimes life just gets in the way. But perhaps that’s the problem. We try throwing fitness into the life we already have instead cultivating a life around being healthy and fit. Unfortunately its not always that cut and dry. We can’t simply quit our jobs, break commitments, and throw away all the food in our kitchens because we’re making a life change. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that extreme. It just so happens one of the easiest ways to making fitness apart of your life is by making subtle changes. Making better choices leads to healthy habits. It’s about putting yourself in a position that leads to success instead of consistent failure.

The good news is, its not a pass or fail kind of thing. Its a growing experience that involves finding out what works and what doesn’t work, and how you can better manage your life. Take control of your health and fitness. YOU CAN DO IT!

In the coming weeks I will be releasing several posts discussing how we can make those subtle changes, from food habits to exercise habits, and lots of stuff in between.

Keep up to date by checking out our website: Lifeblood Health & Fitness

Photo by Meghan Holmes 

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