The Space In Between

Do you spend your entire week focusing on the weekend or your entire year focusing on your vacation?

This was me. For so long I put my joy, purpose, and energy into what was coming next, instead of living in the present. I was missing out on all the things right in front of me. Honestly, I have been doing this my whole life! This topic is something that has been on my heart and mind for a while.

No matter what season of life we are in God has us there for a reason. Recently, in a message at Elevation Church, Pastor Steven Furtick was talking about the Israelites; they prayed for God to deliver them from Egypt, and when He did they complained saying they had it better in Egypt. Walking around in the desert, waiting for God to provide food didn’t seem like deliverance to them. It’s too relatable right? We often complain about one place in life, waiting for the next, and when it arrives we’re still disappointed because it’s not what we expected. They were in between their past and their future and it wasn’t what they expected.

Do you ever feel that way? Is your life right now not what you expected it would be, even now that you’ve arrived at the place you thought would be better? I am SO guilty of this. When Josiah and I first moved to South Carolina we struggled financially. God provided for us every step of the way, but I did not recognize it as God’s provision because it was not in the form I was expecting or wanted. Too often we found ourselves unhappy and dissatisfied. Much like the Israelites when God brought them up out of Egypt.

Guess what, though?! It was exactly what we needed! Throughout this year my heart has changed. I began to understand how God was using these situations to bring about that change. Because of it my faith is stronger, and I have a new perspective. Lean on God during every season of your life, both good and bad, and you will come out on the other side changed Don’t let your life pass you by waiting for things to be different–live every day with joy and purpose, even if it’s not what you thought it would be. I am going to be writing during this in between season of my life about fun everyday life things along with things I feel Jesus has placed on my heart. Lets do this journey together and discover life in the space in between.

Photo by Jake Fagan

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  1. Stacy Kellam says:

    You nailed it! Looking forward to more of your blogs. The only thing that remains the same is change. May we find Joy in our seasons.
    Hugs Stacy K

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