Overcoming Insecurity

Insecurity. You have no hold on me anymore.

I am going to be honest with ya’ll, I felt insecure writing this. This is a small part of my story that I hope can encourage you where you are at!

As soon as I was old enough to think about beauty and worth I was struggling. I looked in the mirror at a very young age and thought I was never going to be pretty enough. I was never going to be capable of achieving my dreams. I have always loved being creative whether that be through choreography or writing, but I never entertained the thought of pursuing it because I was so certain I could never be good enough. I became so hard on myself that I would lay awake at night thinking about how I made myself look stupid that day. Anyone else ever do that?! Matter of fact, I still catch myself criticizing myself over situations that happened years ago…

A little over two years ago I went on a trip to Chicago with my husband, Josiah. On the last night of the trip we went to the Navy Pier to see the fireworks. The entire time I was on the verge of tears because I felt ugly. I could not stop comparing myself to people I thought looked better than me. Guys, I was ALLOWING my insecurities to control my life. They determined whether or not I was happy. They even determined the state of my marriage at times because I allowed my struggle to consume every aspect of my life. There has been so many moments my insecurities have stolen from me. Have you ever been at this point?

I know this has been a little depressing, but this is where is gets good. THERE IS HOPE. Let me say it again, WE HAVE HOPE. You may have heard this before but I am going to tell you again. We have been created in the image of God and He deemed us fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). He formed us in our mother’s womb and has chosen each and every one of us for a purpose. The day I made the choice to stop giving into the lies the same thing kept repeating in my head: I am beautiful, strong, able, loved, and chosen. My heavenly Father says that I am beautiful, strong, able, loved, and chosen. Ya’ll, don’t get me wrong I still struggle EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It can be hard to remember when the lies are pouring in. This is a battle we fight every day, but take heart because God is there for us to lean on every step of the way.

If you can relate to this I want to remind you that YOU are beautiful, strong, able, loved, and chosen.

Photo by Simply Rachel Photography

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