Friday Fitness

If you’ve ever rolled into a gym and wondered “What the heck are these things?” you’re not alone. Most gyms will have them chained up to the ceiling, or a rack of some sorts. You shouldn’t immediately be intimidated by them because there is a variety of exercises for all levels of gym goers. 

TRX suspension training allows an individual to use his/her body as the resistance (force being overcome); depending on skill level, the resistance can be changed by simply moving the body into different positions, or changing strap length. For example,

TRX Pull-Up & Chest Press

If you look at the first picture, you’ll see a TRX Pull-up. I can change the amount of resistance I am pulling up by moving my feet back and standing more upright, and vise versa.

For the TRX Chest Press (second picture), if I move my feet back further I would be pressing more of my body weight.

TRX Ab Crunch

Lay flat, in push up position, with the bottom of your feet put in the bottom of the strap. Next, pull the knees into the chest, make your abs work!

TRX Glute Bridge

Lay flat on the floor with the top of your shoe inserted into the bottom strap. Once you’re in position, thrust your hips into the air while keeping a nice bend in the knees.

TRX Glute Bridge W/Curl

Follow all the same steps as the glute bridges, only for these you’ll be holding the bridge and extending your legs forward, then pulling them back. Your hamstrings will burn, but you’ll love them.

TRX Lunges

Keeping upright, you’ll want to insert your foot into the very bottom strap. As you go down, the back leg should go down and back. As with all lunges and squats, you should be able to see your toes over your knee as you go down.

TRX SA Pull-Up’s W/Rotation

These bad boys are a bit more advanced. If you do not have a very developed back, or arms, you may want to work on that prior to including these into your workout.

Simply adjust the straps to the right height, suspend by one arm, keeping legs at 90 degrees, go down and rotate to the side. After you’ve fully rotated, pull up and reach as far as you can.

I hope this gives you a little more confidence. TRX straps can add more variety to your workout. Give them a shot! Never quit!

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