Friday Fitness Finesse

Every week, on Friday, I will be giving updates on my fitness journey, so be sure to check it out and stay up date.  I will be posting videos, pictures, food tracking/cal counting and all kinds of exercises that I love doing.



  1. They’re easy
  2. Can be used to strengthen quads
  3. Can help improve knee stability
  4. Good aerobic/cardio exercise
  5. All kinds of populations can do them (I.e. Older, younger)
  6. Easy on the back

I like to do them to a cadence of 30 steps per minute, to start, and then increase as I go on with my exercise.  You can find all kinds of metronome apps on your phone that can help you keep in step as you do the exercise. Try what works best for you.

Here are some live Action videos of two different exercises: Chair lunges (Left) & Step ups (Right).  Again, the step ups are great for quad strengthening, knee stability, and cardio.  Chair lunges are very similar to lunges, however, these help you stabilize and really target those quads.

For more exercises, check out other weeks here: Fitness

Photo by Cyril Saulnier on Unsplash

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