Why People Don’t Care About You.

Picture this:

You’re at a church gathering, small group, or get-together with friends and family, and a conversation comes up, “so and so is sick again, back in the hospital from their cancer.” Or maybe someone in the group has some other kind of terminal illness, pain, or ever-lasting life situation that they’ve asked prayer for.

Then, as quickly as its brought up and prayed for, its forgotten.  Or, perhaps someone was thinking in their head here we go again, the same ole’ same ole,’ get over it! We generally tend to think as little as possible about the plites of other people, and all to often we simply just do not care.

Maybe someone approached you this week and was talking about some of the problems they were having, not even complaining or vomiting it out on you, yet you found yourself disinterested and unconcerned. Why?

Is it because EVERyONE has pain

I think the answer is simple: our hearts have grown cold.

We often forget that the person who is requesting prayer each week because they’re “not feeling well” legitimately is not feeling well–their pain is real, and even though we only have to hear about it once a week (pretending to be concerned, mostly), they have to deal with it every single day, possibly all day and night.  Or that person who is in the “never ending” situation is actually in a situation that has been going on for months, maybe years–they might be at their wits end.  How is it that we’ve become so disinterested in caring for people?

Is it because EVERyONE has pain (3)

Now to me it sounds like its saying, if someone is mourning, we need to mourn with them; if someone is happy, we should be happy with them.  Not pretending, not faking, but genuinely taking whatever that moment is, whether sorrow or joy, and coming along side that individual with a state of heart that says “I’m standing here right beside you, I’m with you through it all!”

Matthew 24:12 says that in the last days,

“Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold…”

Don’t let your love towards others grow cold.  Be about other people. Never underestimate the power of compassion, kindness, love towards others who are suffering.

Care for people!


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