Teresa Goodman’s Story.

Teresa Goodman’s story started when she noticed her leg had swollen and became very painful, two of the tall-tail signs you may be developing a DVT.  Teresa took a trip to the ER after the pain and swelling had not gone away, they performed a venous doppler (ultrasound of the leg to look at the deep veins) and sure enough, she had a blood clot.  However, it wasn’t just one, she had several that lined her vein all the way up into her groin.

 “She noticed her leg had swollen.”

Venous doppler’s carry as slight risk as they can cause clots to detach and move.  As Teresa was scanned she felt immense pain.  After the discovery she was admitted in the hospital for two days.  The initial stay can be one of extreme anxiety and fear, this was true for Teresa.  She explained to me how she was worried her clots would detach and move to her heart, lungs, or brain.  However, after she began treatment and began to stabilize, she was sent home.

Anxiety can be a long lasting affect of a blood clot, as well as pain.  This residual pain is often caused from something called post-thrombotic syndrome. The pain and swelling from a DVT can cause damage to the veins leading to post-swelling and pain that is often seen after a blood clot.

“Anxiety can be a long lasting affect”

Teresa mentioned how even three years after the fact she still worries.  She said, “I was worried, was it gonna come back, was it gonna break off and travel somewhere, because you know even after they treat people they can sometimes return.  Every time I would have some little pain in my leg I would wonder whats gong on, you never know.”

There is a battle a lot of people struggle with post-recovery.  Will it come back? Is it fully gone? Am I going to die from this?  All of these questions are very reasonable, but fear can control your life and keep you from moving on. Teresa explained to me how she did lots of praying and depended on others prayers, how she trusted the Lord to get her through.  It has been 3 years since her blood clots and she is alive and well, enjoying her recent retirement after almost 30 years.

Leave a comment below, let me know how this story has affected you!

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