#Throwbacks 6



Do not say, “Why were the old days better than these?” For it is not wise to ask such questions. Ecclesiastes 7:10

When you’re stuck in the past you have no hope for the future.  Memories are fragments of the past meant to be enjoyed, reflected upon, and used as reminders.  Too many times I find myself straying in my mind, to simpler times.  Times when my problems didn’t seem so overwhelming, when my choices were less difficult, and when my heart was more light.

New memories are often difficult to make when you head is clouded by the past.  Some things will never measure up, but they can be just as good–only, it is in different ways.  In times of hardship, hold onto the best of memories, but hold closer to Christ.  Jesus is our strength for today, and in him we find our hope for tomorrow.



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