Branson, MO

Branson, Missouri was probably one of the coolest trips I have ever taken.  When in Branson you have no shortage of things to do!  Check it out-

This is the river-walk.  Just before you get to these magnificent fountains along the river, you walk through the center of the shopping area.  To the right and left is a long strip of shops and restaurants, and plenty of places you can try free samples.

Don’t let this beautiful body of water fool you.  At night, it gives of a mystic fog that covers the whole entire lake, bleeding onto the boardwalk.  This is due to it’s chilly average water temperature of 48 degrees.  We, however, found this out the hard way.

Turns out standing still on a paddle board is harder than you think.  However, this was a warmer run off creek… not too cold.  About 20 min before this we were out on the big lake having a splash fight.  Sure, our legs were numb from being in the water as we sat on our boards, but we didn’t think it was actually that cold.  Hailey fell in, accidentally, while splashing me.  She immediately started panicking because the water had shocked her so much, and I thought she was going to drown because she couldn’t get back onto her board.  It was actually a pretty scary moment.  But, we got her back on the board and continued.


We sat the phone on a rock, with a timer, in attempts to get a photo before we floated off.

I would highly recommend this if you visit Branson anytime.  Plus, it is only a few minutes down the road.

I stumbled upon this trail by searching different waterfalls on Google Maps.  It is sort of hard time find because you have to park outside of a really fancy hotel, walk through the front gates at the entrance, and go into the woods just off the left.  It was a rainy day, but it was an amazing hike! About 2 mi total, and you could walk the river the whole way or follow the trail.


This place is called Pasghetii’s, an Italian restaurant with an amazing atmosphere.

The next best thing was our trip to Dollywood and the White water splash park.

Click on the photos to get the full photo!  We thought our day was going to be bust because it stormed all morning, even as we were transported to the gates–I mean, we were soaked.  But it turned out to be an amazing day of fun!


This was our night of fun including Mini-gold & go-carting.

And of course some extras.  My mom was on the trip as well, unfortunately I couldn’t find any photos of her!

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