Week 6: The size of sin

“Hey, are you coming to party tonight?” Said Craig.

“No, I’ve got to pick up my little sister later, and some other stuff so probably not.” Luke replied hesitantly.

I totally just made that up, Luke thought.

“Alright man, have fun!”

And just like that, the fib was born. I think it’s in our nature to forget how easily we actually sin, and how often, yet we never consider its weight–even the “little white lies.”

Think about it! How many times have you given someone that very excuse, even when telling the truth would have made no difference? It’s crazy! Whether it’s little white lies, what we watch, say, or partake in, how often do we consider our sin?

Do we consider the fact that one little white lie is all it takes to keep us from heaven? It sounds a bit extreme, but consider it. Romans 6:23 says, “For the wages of sin is death…” That is any sin, and all sin, regardless of how big or little we think it is. But thank you Jesus, because that is not the end of things. The rest of the verse goes on to say, “… But the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Hallelujah!

Thankfully, we have a forgiving father who understood the size of sin, and its punishment, and bore it on himself, giving us access to that forgiveness. Confess your sins to Jesus, for he is just and faithful to forgive. This week, consider the size of sin, and how it so easily creeps into your life, and then give thanks for the size of grace, because it is so much greater.

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