No, I do NOT do Drugs!

Hailey and I left the house at about 10:30 am to go to the zoo Friday.  The gas tank in the car was on E so I had to stop at the closest gas station to fill’er up.  The closest gas station is literally right down the road from our house so I was not worried about making it. However, I was little concerned because once we leave our street we enter the hood, literally.  Hints, the gas station we pulled up to was also in the hood.

I pulled up confidently though, I was choosing not to be the stereotypical “Hailey, lock the car doors and don’t talk to anybody” person.  As I got out of the car and I walked around to the pump and began to fill up the car, I soon realized the screen did not work so I was going to have to go inside.  Just on a quick observation, I noticed all the windows and the door had iron bars covering them, and thought “No problem.”  I opened the door and went inside and there were 5 people in line, including me, but I immediately felt like an outcast because I was the only person not buying alcohol, so I picked up a beer and…kidding.

Anyways, it was finally my turn to pay.  When I got to the counter I noticed the guy in from of me had gone outside to stand on the sidewalk by my car.  The only thing was, he was getting gas also but his car was on the other side of the pump.  I proceeded to check out but the lady would not take my card without ID, only the card was under Haileys name so I had to go out and have her take her ID in.  As Hailey walked into the store, the guy from the sidewalk approached me.  At that point I was a little nervous.  The guy proceeded to walk closer until he was right next to me and then asked if I was from around there.

I said the guy, “Ya, we just moved here,”  and then he wanted to know where.  I said casually, “Just around here,” to avoid giving him any specifics.  He said, “Ah, okay bro, well I got some stuff, you need any cocaine, weed, meth, speed, ice–I got you, you need any of that? You F*** around with any of that?”

The question caught me off guard so I looked to the ground and didn’t say anything, but the guy kept looking at me.  I said very hesitantly, “No, I’m good, I don’t mess with any of that.”  But this guy was persistent.  He kept asking me if I was sure and went on to tell me where he lived.  Once he was through, he got into his car and drove off–and so did we, without any drugs.  Darn.  Then we both agreed to never return to that gas station.


To be continued.

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