Our Phones vs. The River

Recently Hailey and I went to Gatlinburg, TN.  It was the first time I had ever stayed in the mountains in a cabin, and it was incredible.  Our cabin was absolutely beautiful.  The cabin had large windows in which the sun shown through every morning.  I would recommend that everyone take a trip there at least once in their life–maybe twice.

If you’ve been to Gatlinburg, then you know there is a tone of stuff you can do.  Hailey and I love to do different kinds of activities, things you would only be able to do at places like Gatlinburg.  Like, you can only go to New York and see the Empire State building.  So, while we were there we decided to go tubing on the river, at a place called River Rat Tubing.

We packed up early in the morning and drove from down town Gatlinburg to Pigeon Forge, taking Parkway.  Once we arrived in Pigeon Forge we turned left onto Indian Cir. Drive, and then onto Conner Heights Road. After that it was pretty much a straight shot, it was a very beautiful and scenic drive, I might add.

Like I said, we decided to go river tubing.  So, we got there and got everything set up, and then we took our tubes out on the river.  In my opinion, it was one of the funnest things we did all week.  However, after about an hour on the river things started to get interesting.

As we were floating along there were two specific spots on the river that were deep enough to jump off of cliffs into the water.  We were coming upon the second spot and the water just happened to be around 10 ft deep with no current, and the water was very murky.

From there, the cascade of a perfect storm unraveled.  Along the bank of the river was a lady fishing for trout.  As we floated by she began to talk to me about her catch and we conversed a little longer.  However, I soon began to drift too far to continue our conversation so I said farewell.  But, as I was drifting away she called out one last thing, “Becareful, the snakes like to hang out over there!” And that was when I lost it.

I soon began to paddle away quickly, out of fear, and called out to Hailey to hurry behind me.  Of course, all Hailey heard was “snake” and began to panic.  Meanwhile, I was planning on swimming to the bank of the river to get out in order to walk down until we weren’t in the snake area.  So, just as I was getting close to the bank there just happen to be a sing the read, “snake habitat.”  At that point I was freaking out.

Behind me, Hailey was in a panic because she thought she felt a snake, and then she almost rolled over in her tube and into the water.  I did forget to mention that we bought a water proof case to store BOTH our phones so we could take pictures on the river.  As Haileys panic continued and she rolled in her tube, so did the phones–right into the water, floating all the way to the bottom.

At this point, I’m not the least bit concerned, I just wanted out of the water.  As I got to the edge–where the sign was–I got out onto what seemed to be dry land. Nope.  It was very deep mud.  I got out of my tube only to sink down up to my knees. I lost both of my sandals to the mud and then high kneed it to dry ground.

If you’re having trouble picturing this, just imagine me waving my hands frantically in the air with a look of terror on my face; after that, imagine me doing two somersaults as I crash to dry land.  Have you ever tried running through knee deep mud?  Well if not, Ill go ahead and tell you, it’s not possible.

Once I made it to safety I was cool.  I was able to help Hailey calm down because she was frantic.  I called her to the bank and we walked the rest of the way, to the end of our destination.  When we got back we told the manager what had happened and she recommended we go back and dive for them.

Another fun fact, the water was FREEZING.  So, we drove to the nearest store, bought goggles, went back, and floated to the spot where we lost them.  There was no luck.  It was so cold I couldn’t even get in the water, and Hailey could only swim on top and stick her head under–let alone dive down 10 ft.  To top it off, when we were floating to our diving destination I saw snakes on the bank and was like “Nope, not a chance,” I told Hailey, “Yah, I don’t think I can do this babe, I just saw some snakes.”

It was a little frightening, considering we weren’t sure how we were going to get home without GPS.  Luckily, there was a Version store in Pigeon forge and we were able to purchase a new phone.  All in all, the rest of the trip was a success.


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