#Planckinperfect: Kings Island In The Cold 


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A couple weeks back Jeremy, Hailey’s dad, took us on a trip to Kings Island.  We went on the last day of the season and it was freezingly (yes, I made up that word) fun!  It wasn’t like that unbearable cold, to where you’re walking but you can’t feel your feet, it was very doable.  The cold days to where you are walking but can’t feel your feet make you regret getting out of bed that day.  This is especially true if your feet happen to get wet that day, as well; if my feet were to get wet on a day like that, I would doubly regret getting out of bed that day.


This was a pretty interesting weekend, I must say.  I don’t know what it is about the Snodgrass family, but they have this special–uncanny–ability to attract some of the most bizarre and craziest scenarios.  For instance, I remember Jeremy telling me a story a few years back.  He was driving along the road, not too far from his house when he happened to glance out his side window.  He spotted what looked like a person laying face down on the ground, up next to an abandoned building.

So, Jeremy did what any concerned citizen would do, he pulled into the parking lot to check it out.  Sure enough, there laying on the ground was an actual person, but the person was dead.  Jeremy had said they guy had a look of horror on his face.  For a little more backstory, it is important to note this had been sometime during the winter.  After calling the police and giving his report he later found out the man was maybe in his 60’s.  After further investigation, they think the man had some type of COPD in which the cold exacerbated, to the point of the man dying–hints the look of horror on his face.


Although a sad example, it proves my point.  Saying that to say this, the day before we were to go to Kings Island I got a call from Jeremy.



He called me to let me know that he had been in an accident, he hit a dear, and thought he might’ve totaled his truck:


The good news is the truck was able to be fixed.


Now that I am apart of the Snodgrass family, this ability to attract crazy situations has been bestowed upon me.  For instance:

(Click on photo!)


Needless to say, these crazy and sometimes aggravating moments in life can make for some very entertaining stories.  God has a wonderful ability of turning bad situations into funny, beautiful, and positively memorable experiences.  Sometimes, we just need to relax and not be so serious.  When things turn sour, remember to keep things in perspective.




More photos:


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