#Planckinperfect: Battle for The Shopping Cart 

Battle for The Shopping Cart:

Me & Hailey have only been married for 6 months now. I was told countless times, “you’ll find out things you never knew about her, once you’re married.” So far, it’s been interesting to look at some of the smaller more comical discoveries. We went to Ruler Foods last week to do some grocery shopping. Upon arriving we realized we did not have a quarter to get a shopping cart. However, I did have a dime and 3 nickles. So, I aimlessly walked through the store and found a random shopper and traded them my change for a quarter. Once I had walked back to the entrance and found a cart Hailey was already there waiting for me.

As I begun to push the cart, Hailey gently reached in to take handle of it. I said with a smirk, “hey, I went and got the quarter, I got the cart, I’m pushing it.”
She said back, “But I want to push the cart!”
“Well I have it and want to push it, so I’m pushing it,” I replied, and then she reaches in to grab the cart, again. I was laughing at this point, and she started to as well.
Hailey then said, in a way only she could, “if I’m going shopping I have to push the cart, its what I do.”

Its what I do *LAUGH*?!

Of course I still said no. Now mind you, we’re literally still 15 feet from the doors we just came in. As we we’re both laughing at the comedy of the conversation, she instantaneously lunged for the cart. Right then, the real show down for the cart began. We were swerving in the isle, hitting shelves, and wrestling each other’s arms off the cart handle. We then do a compete doughnut; I mean, it was no surprise I still had the cart in my control, given my massive arms and agile speed. However, Hailey was not giving up and people were obviously watching us so I decided to let go and give up the cart…

I am such a good person…or she beat me…probably the first one.

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