Lets Build a Fort!

I said to Hailey the other night, “lets build a fort!”

She curiously says in reutrn, “A fort?”

“Yes, a fort,” I replied.

After this long conversation I assumed  we were on the same page, so I began construction.  As I began, I noticed she remained sprawled across the couch and concluded that we were not on the same page…or she just wasn’t going to help.  Anyways, me being the expert in fortress making, I knew just where to begin.  Hailey has this pop up tent she uses at work, she uses it for an open market they have.  The tent was actually very large, it is one you would bring to the beach and put all your chairs and possessions under.

In case you do not believe me, here is an actual example of the type of tent:

Image result for beach tent

Minus the sand, ocean, chairs and pretty much anything that has to do with the beach…except the tent.

Once I acquired the tent from the neighboring room, I then found as many blankets and sheets as possible.  Scathing each room and closet I found roughly 6 blankets and 2 sheets.  With the tent pitched in the middle of the living room, I then began to canvas the blankets from each of the four sides.  On the east side of the tent I draped the side of one blanket from the top of the tent and secured it with a pillow.  The other half of the blanket I wedged in the closet door located in the hallway, creating a covering as you leave the living room and go into the hall.

I then pulled up all of the couch cushions and stacked them against the bottom of the couch, this created a wall blocking the back of the tent from possible intruders.  Also, we put our pillows up against them as we watched Moana.  Some days you just have to end the day building a fort and watching movies.

Needless to say, I thought it turned out pretty stinking awesome.  Well to me it was awesome:

This was also before I connected it to the hall.

Live a little.  Do something childish.  Build a fort. In case you have forgotten here is you basic fort builder kit:

Blanket Fort


#Fortbuilding #Fun 

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  1. Angie lovelady says:

    Amen my sweet nephew


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