Get Out of Your Head 

Some of the most horrendous battles in history have been fought not on the field but in the mind.  Before things come about through action they always start in the mind of a person.  There are battles raging on inside all of us at one point or another.  A tactic of the enemy is to defeat us first in our minds so he can cripple us in action; I can recall many times the enemy was waging war against my mind, it went something like this:

“Coward. You’re never going to make it. You’ve hit every road block imaginable so what makes you think you’re crossing that finish line.”


“It’s a wonder you’re even alive. Did you honestly think you would come out on top of this one? You’ve failed. Mistake after mistake. You’ve mishandled things, lost your temper, and ruined relationships.  You’re scared of your own thoughts. You lay awake at night pondering things you’re helpless to change. I’ve got you locked down. You’re not going anywhere. The phase of life you’re in right now is where you’re going to stay. Things will never get better.

“It’s funny. You know the truth, yet you give into me every time I knock at your door, sometimes I come dressed in different clothes, but never the less you always open. I took that one thing you are afraid of and amplified it. I used your wife’s thoughts and opinions to drill them further in. She doesn’t know you’re struggling with it in this way, so when she speaks her thoughts to you, I use them to reinforce uncertainty, your distrust, and depression. It’s funny because it’s not her fault, but you make it her fault. This causes friction between the two of you and from there I just have to sit back and watch you two destroy each other.”


“You see, you’ve already been angry, you’ve already been impatient and insecure. I took your weakness, the things you speak out loud about yourself and I use them against you. You forget, I’m not like your God, I don’t know your thoughts, but you give them to me. I use the words of others as well; their words come across as condemnation, they make you feel hurt and bitter. It’s not necessarily their fault either, but if I can get you to blame them that’s even better. Because now you’re attacking them and yourself, what a beautiful thing it is.

“I’ve literally convinced you to believe that you’re the only one, too. I’ve helped you secluded yourself and encouraged you to think no one cares and that no one gets it. I’ve told you they’re too busy, that your problems are either too big or too small. It wasn’t hard. You see, you had a conversation with that person the other day and they weren’t paying an ounce of attention to you, he kept looking over your head, you could see his gaze switch often, and not to mention his short replies. But what you didn’t know, is just prior to your conversation he’d just found out some really bad news from a friend; of course, I used that bad news to help play on his fears and one thing led to another and the cancer of bitterness sets in.

“Then, when temptation comes, I get you to sit and ponder.  Before you know it, I have already won the battle because you began compromising the moment you chose to stick around.  You’re weak, easily manipulated, foolish.  You consume yourself in your thoughts and wonder where the line is, knowing the whole time.  Just like all the other times you desperately proclaim it is the ‘last time,’ so you say…”

The sad truth is that so many people can relate to this.  Something I tell myself and others is that, “you need to get out of your head.” Take those thoughts that ram themselves into your mind and use your words to bind them, in Jesus name.  What do I mean?  The enemy wants you to keep the battle inside, but to win, you need to take them captive on the outside. 2 Corinthians 10:5 says, “we demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”  Speak it out loud to those thoughts.

Say, “I take every thought captive and I bind you, in the Jesus name.”

Be specific.  By doing this, you are commanding those thoughts to present themselves before the knowledge of God’s word, and Christ himself.  As believers, we are co-heirs with Christ, therefore we have the power to bind those thoughts and command them obedient to Christ.

Verbalizing scripture against thoughts that attack you all day long is a sure-fire way to kick their butts to the curb. That’s what Satan tries to do, make things bigger then what they actually are. Those thoughts will try setting themselves up in our minds as something that cannot be overcome; you need to remind them of their place before God, and that place is where their neck is under his foot.  You are in control of your mind.  However, what you put in is what you get out.  If you speak negativity, hatred, and condemnation over yourself do not be surprised when those things consume you.

Something I still struggle with is allowing Christ to rule in my heart and mind, completely.  Struggles we face mentally are very real to us that know them well and they can be utterly exhausting.  Speaking scripture is something I have to do on a daily basis, it reminds me of where true power lies.  I notice as I continually quote scripture out loud, my body relaxes, my mind calms down and fears begin to subside.  These things simply cannot compete with Gods word.  As with everything battle, you’ll win some and you’ll lose some.  But the important part is continuing to fight, even when you do not ‘feel’ it may be helping.  If we choose not to fight, it can lead to bondage, corruption, and sin.  NEVER STOP FIGHTING!

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