Lifeblood Training

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virtual training made easy-get healthy from home.

Ever participated in a Skype, Zoom, or Facebook Messenger video call? That’s exactly what we do here! Get great results with little to no equipment all from the comfort of your home!

Personal Training

Personal Training is just that, PERSONAL. It will be you and the coach. We’ll do fitness consultation and get you a fitness plan to lose weight, strengthen your muscles and much more.

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Facebook Challenges

Our Facebook Challenges are fantastic. We have set programs that we roll out every few weeks. Each program lasts 5 weeks in length and have different focus areas. Coming up soon will be our Cardio Ramp-Up. Be sure to check out our Facebook for details.

I’ve lost nearly 20 pounds and see results almost every week whether it’s in my weight, mood, or flexibility. I have cerebral palsy and Josiah has helped me with my flexibility so I feel better through out my day!”

Edward Teal

Start your journey to freedom and health. What’s your Lifeblood?