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virtual training made easy-get healthy from home.

Ever participated in a Skype, Zoom, or Facebook Messenger video call? That’s exactly what we do here! Get great results with little to no equipment all from the comfort of your home!

Personal Training

Personal Training is just that, PERSONAL. It will be you and the coach. We’ll do fitness consultation and get you a fitness plan to lose weight, strengthen your muscles and much more. For more details, click on the link above or visit our “Training” menu option.

Our Blog

Stay fresh on meal ideas, workout ideas, and get to know us more by heading over to our blogs page.

Facebook Challenges

Our Facebook Challenges are fantastic. We have set programs that we roll out every few weeks. Each program lasts 5 weeks in length and have different focus areas. Coming up soon will be our Cardio Ramp-Up. Be sure to check out our Facebook for details and to keep up-to-date on all of our content.

HOW TO’S: A Video Series

Be sure to check out our newest How To’s series for demonstrations on different exercises!

I’ve lost nearly 20 pounds and see results almost every week whether it’s in my weight, mood, or flexibility. I have cerebral palsy and Josiah has helped me with my flexibility so I feel better through out my day!”

Edward Teal

Start your journey to freedom and health. What’s your Lifeblood?

The Beginning of Lifeblood

A few years ago I found myself lying in a hospital bed confused and scared. I was only 18 at the time. I was supposed to be getting ready to start college but instead I was in a critical care hospital bed terrified I could die at any moment.

A few days prior, after ACL reconstruction surgery, several blood clots had formed in my right leg. They broke free from my leg (called emboli) and made there way through my heart and into both lungs (Pulmonary Emboli). I didn’t know it then, but the journey ahead was set to be some of the hardest years of my life. However scared I was, I knew if I made it through I wasn’t going to let my experience go to waste–it wasn’t going to get the best of me.

Sickness and poor mental health plagued me for years after my brush with death. I took medicine, got counseling, saw doctor after doctor–but nothing seemed to help.

The blood in my body, the very thing that was meant to keep me alive, sought to end my life. I was literally at war within my self. When I couldn’t depend on my body to keep me alive, I had to put my faith in something else, another lifeblood, something that would never fail. That lifeblood was Jesus.

Once I realized Jesus would never fail, I was able to find the strength to win. However, it didn’t mean all of my problems changed right away–if at all. I changed my diet, I began my own workout program, and I got into the word of God more then I ever had. Out of my pain and sorrow a dream was born.

But what is Lifeblood?

Lifeblood is the indispensable factor or influence that gives something its strength and vitality, is the driving force you cannot live without. Your lifeblood will determine whether you quite and succumb to pain, or fight till the end. Here at Lifeblood we’re about finding wholeness. Countless numbers of people live in bondage mentally, physically and spiritually for a variety of reasons. To have health is to be free of any illness or injury, but not just physically. Our mission is to help others achieve freedom through healthy living, spiritual well being, and physical fitness. Discover Lifeblood.

My wife Hailey has been crucial to this healing progress, also. I’ve learned a lot about myself and her throughout this Journey. Together we started Lifeblood to help others find healing and get regain their lives back. Hailey is a nationally certified ACSM Personal Trainer and you’ll be seeing a lot of her through out your journey here.